Curriculum Vitae


Academy of Fine Arts, Maastricht Netherlands

Conceptual Post-graduate Academy, Amsterdam Netherlands

Maureen works as cultural policy advisor in Eijsden-Margraten (The Netherlands) and as a conceptual artist. She is co-founder of the international art collective >BAUM< in cooperation with her partner Jeton Muja (Kosovo/NL). Her work is represented by Gallery Kunstkomplex (DE), Gallery Bardohl&Scheel (DE), Gallery Kunstkomplex Mennuni (CHE), Exit11 Contemporary art (BE). Gallery S&H De Buck (BE) and Gallery O-68 (NL).

current  upcoming 

​P(ART)cours - Par(KUNST, Woluwe Park, Brussels Belgium, interactive installation in public space, april - july 2021

O-68 gallery Velp Netherlands, recent & new work, autumn 2021

solo-exhibitions > a selection
Kunstkomplex & Mennuni, Basel Switzerland,  solo exhibition, opening: February 2020 

Galerie S&H De Buck (Gent), Couples d'artistes' in cooperation with Jeton Muja 2019

Bardohl & Scheel gallery Berlin, solo exhibition, 2019

Galerie Kunstkomplex, solo exhibition, Germany, 2019

Galerie Kunstkomplex, 'Love?' Solo exhibition, Wuppertal Germany, 2018
Galerie Kunstkomplex, solo presentation of 'Utopian Performances', Performance night, Wuppertal Germany, november 2017

Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair 2017, solo exhibition, curated by Jeton Muja, represented by Gallery O-68, February 2017

Exit11 Contemporary Art, Belgium, solo exhibition with new work & video-art, 6 april - 1 june 2014

Art Gallery O-68 Velp Netherlands, 'Mystery Mining', presentation with older work, March 2014

Lieux Communs, platform for contemporary art, Namur, België, solo-exhibition ‘Tell me who I am’, june-aug 2013.

Galerie S&H De Buck (Gent), solo exhibition ‘Secret Properties’ with new work and video-art, june 2013

Varg e Vi, Center for contemporary art, Gjilan Kosovo, solo exhibition, march/april 2013

Art at the Warehouse Rotterdam, solo presentation via Eduard Planting Gallery, februari 2013

Chelsea Art Tower, 21th floor Gallery, New York - performance ‘Tell me’, 2012

Galerie Wansink, solo exhibition 'Identification' (with catalog, 2011

Vishal Haarlem, solo presentation ‘Here I am’ in Kleine Zaal, 2011

De Nederlandsche Cacao Fabriek, solo exhibition ‘All those people’, 2010

Galerie Wansink, solo exhibition ‘Transformations’ (with catalog), 2009

Galerie Wansink, solo exhibition ‘Maureen Bachaus, assemblages (with catalog), 2007

cultural projects

OOH Urban video art festival, curator. Urban Public Space Projections. Cooperation with Contemporary art center Varg e Vi. Gjilan Kosovo. June/July 2019

LUISTER / LISTEN Sound exhibition, artistic director / curator, Museum Romeinse Katakomben, Valkenburg, the Netherlands, 2019

LIFE LESSONS, Concept developer / project management. Cross-over cultural project with an interactive video project and a theatre
Cooperation with Esther de Koning en Olivia van de Koppel. C-Mine Genk (B)
, 2017

MRK contemporary video art festival, artistic director / curator, International thematic video art festival, Cooperation with co-curator Ana Frangovska, Museum Romeinse Katakomben, Valkenburg (NL), 2015 - 2019 (yearly)
WISH light art festival, artistic director / curator. International thematic light art festival, Museum Romeinse Katakomben, Valkenburg (NL), 2017 - 2019 (yearly)

MIRRORS, artistic director. Educational project & art exhibition about teenage life in ancient Rome in relation to our contemporary world. Cooperation with Highschool Bonnefantencollege. Bonnefantencollege Maastricht & Museum Romeinse Katakomben, Valkenburg (NL), 2017

A Taste of Utopia, concept developer / project management. Exhibition of BAUM art collective. In cooperation with Bert Janssen, Ana Frangovska, Jeton Muja. Landbouwbelang, Maastricht (NL), 2016

REFLECTIONS, artistic director / curator. Cross-over exhibition with writers, and poets. Museum Romeinse Katakomben in cooperation with Museum Clemens Sels, Valkenburg (NL) / Neuss (D), 2016

FLAMMA, Artistic co-leader / curator. Cross over festival with theatre, contemporary art, and performances. Open air theatre & Museum Romeinse Katakomben, Valkenburg (NL), 2016

BORDERS & BOUNDARIES, Concept developer / project management. Multidisciplinary art project in cooperation with Jeton Muja for
(BIO50}hotel project, during the BIO50 24th Biennale (curated by Jan Boelen/Alessandro Fonte). Mao Museum, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2014

UTOPIA SCHOOL PROJECT, Concept developer. A one month program with interactive art projects, lectures & public debates, in cooperation with art collective 'Either/or..or..or'. Flux Factory New York, 2014

collaborative projects

Bureau Europa / l'Art pour elkaar, open studio exhibition, Maastricht, the Netherlands, November 2018 

De Plint, museumstraat Dordrecht, performance project in cooperation with poet Maarten van den Berg, curated by Frans van Lent, 2018

Landbouwbelang, Interactive exhibition of art collective BAUM, Maastricht, april 2016
Mala Stanica, multi media center of the National Gallery of Macedonia, 'Utopia project' with artcollective BAUM, curated by Ana Frangovska, 2015

Dokufest international film- and documentary festival. Selected video's for collaborative project 'Unerasable, Prizren, Kosovo, August 2015
BIO50 24th Biennale / Mao - Museum Ljubljana, interactive video project ‘Borders/Boundaries’ in cooperation with Jeton Muja.
BIO50 24th Biennale :curated by Jan Boelen, (BIO50}hotel project: curated by Alessandro Fonte, Ljubljana, Slovenia. 2014.

Flux Factory New York, the 'Utopia School', a one month program with art projects, lectures & public debates, in cooperation with art-collective 'Either/or..or..or'. October 2014. 


Group-exhibitions > a selection
Galerie S&H DE BUCK, Gent Belgium, "Le parole, le immagini del desiderio", a group exhibition, sept - dec 2020,
Contemporary art center ‘Empirical Nonsense’, New York City, four selected video's for the project 'END', sept 2020

EXIT11 Contemporary Art, Belgium, group exhibition Impressions, summer 2020

Galerie S&H DE BUCK, Gent Belgium, "Le parole, le immagini del desiderio", a group exhibition, sept - 17 oct 2020, ​

Adoráble ART+DESIGN, The Hague (NL), group exhibition, february/march 2020

Biennale Champion Belgium, interactive video project in cooperation with Jeton Muja, 11 - 27 October 2019.

Photo festival Maastricht / SPHINX building, group exhibition, the Netherlands, september 2019

Kunstkomplex & Mennuni Gallery, group exhibition with new works, Basel Switzerland, april/may 2019

The butterfly effect, group exhibition with new works, EXIT11 Belgium, 17 March - 28 April 2019

Galerie S&H de Buck, Intimacy - new works, Gent Belgium, december 2018

PakjeKunst, selected multiple, De Brandweer, Maastricht (NL), 2018

HuB.Kerkrade, selected multiple. Participating countries: The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Austria and Switzerland, 2018
Human & Environment, Festival & Exhibition, Dezful Khuzestan Iran, november 2018

Kunstdagen Wittem, interactive new media installation, kloostertuin Wittem (NL), september 2018
Imago Mundi Highlight collection, group exhibition, Salone degli Incanti, Trieste, Italy, august 2018
SCOPE Basel, represented by Galerie Kunstkomplex, Switzerland, June 2018

Exit11 Contemporary art center, duo exhibition & work-in-progress project with Dominique Sonnet, Belgium, March/April 2018

Gallery Bardohl&Scheel Berlin, group exhibition 18 august -  30 sept 2017

SCOPE BASEL, represented by Gallery Kunstkomplex, 13-18 June 2017

RC Art @ North Sea Jazz, represented by Gallery O-68, 7-8-9 July 2017

Gallery O-68, under the surface, duo exhibition with Christina de Vos, Netherlands, February 26 - April 2, 2017

Exit11, Collectif 2017, presentation of the artists of the gallery, Belgium, March 12 - April 30, 2017

Visions 2016, selected performance, Nunnery Gallery London, curated by Cinzia Cremona, selected performance, 2016

Biennale of Jodoigne (Geldenaken) Belgium, selected performance, October 2016

Unnoticed Art Festival, performance festival, curated by Frans van Lent, Netherlands, June 2016 

EXIT11 Contemporary Art, Belgium, group exhibition, april 2016
Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair 2016, selected photoprints and video's by Gallery O-68, 10 t/m 14 feb 2016

Gallery De Buck Gent Belgium, group exhibition, dec 2015

National Gallery of Macedonia, Spacial Extension of Art, exhibition of the Art colony Galichnik, Skopje, May 2015

CC De Ververij / MOW Belgium, 'Cradle to Cradle', project management and conceptual development , 11 oct - 2 nov 2014

CologneOFF IX International Videoart Festival, selected artvideo, sept 2013 - aug 2014

​ScenesConnected Maastricht, interactive artproject during cultural art festival, 2014

Exit11 Contemporary Art, Belgium, group exhibition, 23 feb - 30 march 2014

PARCours / PARKunst, Parc de Woluwé, Brussels, via Lieux-Communs platform for contemporary art:

Open air exhibition with a site specific installation, 28 march - 1 june 2014. 

Galerie Wansink, duo exhibition with recent work, 19 jan - 23 feb 2014

Galerie S&H De Buck, group exhibition, jan 2014

Museum Elburg, group exhibition ’in conversation’, nov 2012-march 2013

Galerie S&H De Buck (Gent), group exhibition ‘The paradise’, 2012

Galerie Wansink, group exhibition ‘Not for your eyes only’, nov/dec 2012

Galerie Daniel Tanner, Zürich, group exhibition ‘A little bit nasty’, dec 2012

UNIT24 Gallery Londen, group exhibition ‘Passion for Freedom’, 2012

Amsterdam Book night, presentation via art magazine ‘De God van Nederland’, Amsterdam, 2012

Rabobank, Series of commissioned photoprints, from January 2012 included into the art collection

Galerie Wansink, group exhibition ‘Confrontations’, 2011

FLUXmuseum, Museum for Contemporary Fluxus Art, USA, group exhibition 2010 & in collection

Galerie Wansink, group exhibition ‘Assemblages and collages’, 2009

Galerie Wansink, group exhibition ‘ Stock and new work’, 2008

Art Amsterdam, duo exhibition with Christina de Vos, via Galerie Wansink, 2007

public Space

Cloud of Thoughts, roundabout-sculpture for the city Roermond, Netherlands

Tree Installations, temporary site specific installations in Parc de Woluwé Brussels, Belgium



Art Colony Galichnik, Macedonia, international multimedia residency, 15-22 augustus 2014

Art Colony Galichnik, Macedonia, international multimedia residency, 15-22 augustus 2013

Varg e Vi, Center for contemporary art, Gjilan Kosovo, residency prior to solo exhibition, march/april 2013


art collectives

Co-Founder and member of the international art collective BAUM, 2014

Co-Founder and member of the international art collective Either/or..or..or, 2013-2014


publications > a selection

Exhibition catalogue, Galerie Kunstkomplex, 2019

'Maureen Bachaus', exhibition catalogue, published by Galerie Kunstkomplex, 2017
'The Unnoticed Art Festival', exhibition catalogue, 2016
'Unerasable', Hardcover exhibition catalogue of Dokufest film- and documentary festival, 2015

'No Utopia / Good Utopia', exhibition catalogue, published by National Gallery Macedonia, 2015

'The vulnerability project', Hardcover project booklet on occasion of solo exhibition at EXIT11 contemporary art, 2014

Catalogue ‘Secret Properties’, on occasion of solo exhibition at Gallery S&H De Buck, 2013

Catalogue ‘Maureen Bachaus’, on occasion of solo exhibition at Varg e Vi, Center for contemporary art, 2013

De God van Nederland, literary and cultural quarterly - publication in each issue, 2011-2015

Catalogue ‘Identification’ - on occasion of solo exhibition at Galerie Wansink, 2011

Catalogue ‘Transformations’ - on occasion of solo exhibition at Galerie Wansink, 2009

Catalogue ‘Maureen Bachaus, assemblages’ - on occasion of solo exhibition at Galerie Wansink, 2007

© maureen bachaus 2021

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