Identity project 

Photography series, based upon interviews. All the works are portraits, in which feelings and thoughts have been a focal point. The assembled elements suggest a part of the underlying story. These elements (ropes, drawings, objects or lines of texts) symbolize fragments of thoughts. A frequently used material is rope, sometimes pierced rawly through the image. This rope, sometimes in a knot, sometimes with hanging parts, symbolizes the limitation or even captivity but also the freedom experienced by certain thoughts and feelings. The Identity Project is an ongoing project. The works on this page represent a small selection of all the works which belong to the series.

Below you will find a small selection of works in random order, more examples available on request.

The Late Walk (2017)
edition of 9
photoprint on Hahnemühle museum etching paper
Size (image) 40 x 30

Between light and nowhere (2020)

90 x 70 x 1,5 cm

Material: coated photoprint on ReBoard

Aluminium hanging system on the back

Edition of 3 (plus E/A)

And the old world is a new world (2019)

unique piece

Photoprint on Hahnemühle, thread
45 x 38,5 cm

Atonement (2012)

Commissioned by Museum Elburg

photoprint on aluminium, rope

edition 3 . 87,5 x 65,5 cm

Selection of the Imago Mundi Highlighs series (2017) 

Collection of Imago Mundi Museum, Treviso

photoprint /rope, Hahnemühle museum etching paper

All prints 11 x 13 cm.

This is the beginning_Of everything (2019) edition of 9

photoprint on Hahnemühle
29 x 21,5 cm.

But it isn't real (2019)
edition of 9
photoprint on Hahnemühle, thread
23,5 x 32 cm.

Someone else (2019)
edition of 9
photoprint on Hahnemühle, thread
23,5 x 32 cm.

Vulnerability Series (2011)
unique pieces, 16 different photo's available.

photoprints with acrylic coating on aluminium

45 x 34 cm each

© maureen bachaus 2021

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