Memories and Dreams  I  a personal and unique collage for a special price.


Photo: examples of how your collage might look like, based upon previous work. The new series is currently in production and will be published afterwards

To celebrate the new year, fans of my work can purchase an original and strictly personal work at a reduced price. Your story will be the input for this artwork.
Interested? Then just click on the link below. After the purchase you will receive a certificate and you will have access to an email box. This box is password protected and managed by me only. All mails will remain confidential.
The only thing you have to do is mail your favorite memory and/or your future dream to me. I will translate your story into a unique collage / assemblage. The work will be hand signed and numbered.  A maximum of 12 works are available.

This project is a cooperation with Gallery Kunstkomplex in Germany. The framed artwork will be sent to you by post.

All info: