Street poems Ongoing online project about personal notes which I found in streets and public spaces, over a period of several years.

Street poem 1: I am the opposite. 




I am the opposite of your ideals.

I will not marry you.

I will not have a relationship with you.

I won't even date you.

In fact, our relationship does not go beyond the purely physical.

I don't even want your telephone number.

You can have mine, so you can decide if you will call me again.

I'm the one your mother warned you about.

Location: Maastricht, Netherlands.

Street poem 2: Eveline




Eveline still has nothing to 

drink with her, on a regular basis.

would you please give her 

something to take with her, each day

2 breaks. Thanks.

Location: Maastricht Netherlands

Street poem 3: 21 loves 42. 


Location: Roermond, Netherlands.

Location: Antwerp, Belgium.

Street poem 4: Time stands still


For sale due to move.

Can't get connected.

The oven on picture looks dusty

because time stands still.

Found on digital highway (

Street poem 5: :-) . 


Location: Roermond, Netherlands.

Street poem 6: Would you like to? 


Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands.



Small notebooks  

and sunglasses

at the 'Zeeman' suntan oil.

and look at the 'Kruidvat' for bath slippers

1 bottle something for fungal nails

and few bags of candies

look at the Post Office for a shoulder bag


and get hundred euros from ATM machine

Street poem 2: Get hundred euro's. 


Location: Roermond, Netherlands.

Street poem 8: Deposit.




Deposit for bottom 

flounce 4

tighten the legs

Location: Verona, Italy 

Street poem 9: Veuillez Nettoyer.




Please clean the inside and outside walls of the dishwasher and throw away the powdercan when it is empty and replace it. Thank you.

Location: Amay, Belgium 

Street poem 9: My right hand.




My right hand

twelve years 

copied during


Location: Heerlen, Netherlands.

© maureen bachaus 2021

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