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How do people relate to their changing environment? Are they considered to be products, which can be packed, sent away or shipped because of an economic situation or a political goal? Do they retreat into their own world, or do they take a seat in the director's chair, in order to (re)shape a new world? 

These questions led to a number of symbolic portraits. The people portrayed were captured while trying to give form to their unsteady and new environment.

Photoprints on ReBoard, various sizes, edition 9.

the melody is purple 90cm.jpg

The melody is purple

Everything is new.jpg

Everything is new

Blanket girl 60 cm.jpg

Blanket Girl

And the green dust is dancing 90 cm.jpg

And the green dust is dancing

The Green Zone 75cm.jpg

The green zone

Cloud man 90 cm.jpg

Cloud man

bird girl 90 cm.jpg

BIrd girl

Paper girl 90 cm.jpg

Paper girl

The house says yes 65 cm.jpg

The house says yes

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