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SEE > ongoing performance, carried out by volunteers.

SEE performance Maureen Bachaus.jpg

Would you like to join the ‘SEE’ performance? You can participate in your own country. Please follow these steps:

  1. Go outside and start walking. Choose a familiar environment, like the road to your supermarket, your work, etc.

  2. Walk 133 steps. No more, no less.

  3. Stop, and start looking around you. Sit down, if necessary. Wait patiently until you see something you never noticed before in this environment. Something that surprises you. An object, a person, a situation, a natural phenomenon. It can be anything. Maybe you will have to wait only one second, maybe 30 minutes. There are no rules.

  4. Make a photo of the scene of your choice, and write down how long you have been waiting. Mail photo & info to

Your result will be published on this page.

performer: tanya janssen (belgium)

steps: 133

waiting time: 1 second


performer: natascha waeyen (the netherlands)

steps: 133

waiting time: 6 minutes and 18 seconds


"In a place where nothing really seems to be deviant, I realized after a workout of 6 minutes and 18 seconds that I was the only ‘strange’ phenomenon out here…"

performer: andrea almering (the netherlands)

steps: 133

waiting time: 0 seconds


performer: maureen bachaus (the netherlands)

steps: 133

waiting time: 10 seconds


performer: jeton muja (the netherlands)

steps: 133

waiting time: 15 seconds

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