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THE INTRODUCER > ongoing performance, performed  by volunteers.Presented at the Unnoticed Art Festival 2016 in the Netherlands, curated by Frans van Lent, and at the Nunnery Gallery in London during 'Visions', curated by Cinzia Cremona and Tessa Garland. This performance is part of a series of ongoing Utopian Performances.

We hardly know our neighbors, too many people in urban areas spent their live in isolation. This performance is meant to reduce this isolation. The Introducer walks along urban streets, through neighborhoods and public squares. While he walks around he will not introduce himself, but he will constantly address two random people with the following question: “May I introduce you to each other?” 

The Introducer at the Nunnery Gallery (London)

The Introducer at the Unnoticed Art Festival (the Netherlands)

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