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Four selected video's, screened at the international film- and documentary festival Dokufest in Prizren, Kosovo.

Project info 'Unerasable'


Focal point of this particular video project has been the contrast between the 'outside' and the 'inside' of people, which can arise in case of unresolved traumas.


As an input for this project Maureen Bachaus interviewed former residents of the Balkan area who left their home during the war in order to build up a new life in Western Europe. The texts that have been used in the videos find their origin in authentic interviews.


Bachaus also interviewed a psychologist who works with traumatized (war)victims. She explained the possible responses of people to an unresolved trauma and their personal (secret) coping strategies, like extreme eating habits, physical exhaustion and extreme purification habits. 


The leading characters in the video are actors, as the interviewees wished to stay anonymous.


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