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WEARABLE ARTI  the Covid project

The pieces have been designed and produced during Lockdown periods.
Technique: 3D print / printing on demand

Lover's Phone Maureen Bachaus 4.jpg

The lover's phone 
Material: Steel and coated cotton.
Size: hight (per can) 2,5 cm 
Edition: 250

Miniature version of a tin can telephone, also called 'The lover’s telephone'.


A tin can telephone is an acoustic speech-transmitting device made up of two tin cans, connected by a rope.
It is a case of mechanical telephony, where sound is converted into vibrations along liquid or solid medium, and then reconverted back to sound. 

For everyone who has a special message for a loved one. Available in various materials. 


Dear destiny Maureen Bachaus.jpg

Dear destiny,
Material: bronze and coated cotton
Size: 2 cm 
Edition: 250

Based upon a paper fortune teller.

The pages of this fortune teller are blank to remind you of the fact that you are the creator of your own destiny. However, the slightly sharp points of this fortune teller also warn you: don't play lightly with your fate, and be careful what you wish for :) ....
For everyone who is brave enough to follow his or her dream. Available in various materials. 

Cloud of Thoughts Maureen Bachaus model

Cloud of thoughts 
Miniature version of my roundabout artwork Cloud of Thoughts (9,5 x 5 m)
Material: Silver & coated cotton thread.
Size: 3,3 x 2 x 0,7 cm 
Edition: unlimited

A necklace for people who have an open mind and are willing to share thoughts and ideas.


Daydreamer def.jpg

I'm a day dreamer
Material: ink drawing on 2 mm shrink art film, coated cotton.
Size/intersection: approximately 12 cm
Unique pieces, edition of 25

Based upon daily doodles

A doodle is a drawing made while a person's attention is otherwise occupied. 
Doodling maps the wandering of your mind as you plan a new venture, think about daily life, or dream of your loved ones.


Each drawing is similar but unique. 
For the day dreamers among us.

Believe in Magic Website 20_2.jpg

Believe in Magic 

Material: Bronze, Japanese paper and coated cotton
Size: 4 cm
Edition: 250


The design of this pendant refers to an Ancient Roman Talisman. Amulets like this, containing texts, objects or symbols, have been used since ancient times. Worn around the neck or carried on the body, they were thought to drive away evil spirits, offer protection, and make wishes come true. 

Do you have a wish, dream or personal motto? Write it on the little piece of paper inside the pendant and carry it with you. If you believe in magic, your wish might come true:)


The Light of Day _ website 20_2.jpg

The light of day 

Material: 3D print in Versatile Nylon, coated cotton
Size: 4 cm
Edition: 250


Many ideas will never see the light of day: daring ideas, 'bad' ideas, too expensive ideas. Ideas for our daily life, for music, art, food, or for our future. This piece of jewelry is an abstract translation of a wad of crumpled paper. Once a sheet of paper on which that one challenging idea was written out. Then crumpled and pushed aside.

This necklace reminds you of the fact that your ideas are valuable and you should honor them. There will come a time when you can make them come true.
A necklace for people with a dream.


Plant a seed Website.jpg

Plant a seed 

Material: 3D print in Versatile plastic, one plant seed, coated cotton..
Height: 3,5 cm, Edition: 250

The necklace refers to the sowing and harvesting of new ideas. Instructions: fill the pendant with soil and plant the seed. Wear the necklace once the seed has sprouted.


Undress by Maureen Bachaus _ website.jpg

Material: 3D print laser sintered nylon plastic 
Height: 6,6 x 10 cm
Edition: Unlimited


Scan me Maureen Bachaus_site.jpg

Scan me 

Material: package material 
Height: 13 x 10 cm
Unique Piece


Hansel and Gretel 3.jpg

Hansel and Gretel 
Part of the jewelry series ‘Fairy Tales’

Material: massive silver pendant & coated cotton thread.
Size: 1 cm per crumb.

The concept is based upon the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, who find their way home by sprinkling breadcrumbs. The pendant is a solid silver cast of a dry breadcrumb. Each pendant is unique, because the breadcrumbs have been destroyed during the casting process.

A necklace for every (symbolic) traveler who wants to carry a piece of 'home' with him or her.

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